Heritage House of Milaca
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We want to thank you all so much for helping Morris during his final stages of his life. You all went that extra mile to make sure he and our family were treated with high respect and dignity. You understand customized health care.

My mother, Sunny Netko says she enjoys the patio areas with bird feeders & birdbaths that she can see from her windows. As a Master Gardener, she is thrilled to be invited to have input as to which flowers will be planted--and maybe even get her hands in the soil to help plant some in the raised beds. But what has meant the most to her, is that the staff seem to genuinely care about her and show it by their patience & kindness.

     I visited my mother in 4 different previous facilities (some as rehab), and looked at many care facilities before deciding to move her to Heritage House in Milaca. While many of the other facilities had buildings that were quite impressive, too many times I noticed the attitude of the staff (especially the aides, who do the bulk of the hands-on help) seemed to be one of indifference, impatience, and just putting in their time at a job. It’s been about 2 months since my mom came to Heritage House, when I asked her just a few days ago if the staff was still treating her well--her answer was, “Certainly they are! They are sweet gals that seem to really like us old folks.”

Lori Carlson was easy to work with and we appreciated the staff that worked with my mother.

She has been well taken care of here. I love the home-like atmosphere. Also, I like the proximity and transportation to the shopping mall in St. Cloud, medical facilities, beauty salons & churches.